Floating Through Life


We are an adventurous family of three and two pups. Abby (my wife), Eyra (my daughter), Oreo (Border collie), Milo (not sure what type of dog Milo is) and Clark (myself). We currently live in venturesome Iowa! I am not being sarcastic; it sure keeps us busy. Don’t let the cornfields and farms fool you because believe it or not, there is plenty to do.

Abby and I grew up in Colorado and have been living in Iowa for the past three years. While living in Colorado yes, we were spoiled living so close to the mountains where we enjoyed and partook in numerous outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, backpacking, snowshoeing, snowboarding and more.  Abby and I spoke one day about traveling nationwide instead of visiting Europe, or the Caribbean or somewhere extravagant and exotic, we decided to travel around the U.S. and to get to know the beauty that our own nation has to offer. It all started as a joke while watching YouTube videos, but here we are trying to make our dream happen.

Our dream you ask? To discover the beauty and wonder that our own country has to offer! Yes, the bucket list is long but this is a journey that we want to accomplish. Sure, it may take us a year or two or maybe longer but we want to share this experience with all of you knowing that we didn’t hold back on this dream of ours or made an excuse. We decided to pull the trigger on 11/14/2016; it takes a lot of nerve and dedication (and a really supportive wife) to bring this dream to life. We invite all of you to join us on this exciting phase of our lives as we embark on this journey!


2 thoughts on “Floating Through Life

    • Hello Karla. I hope you are doing well. You are always welcome to come on a adventure with us anytime. Please visit our Columbus Junction post. It’s under February’s archives at the bottom of our page. Keep in touch and good luck on your adventures as well.
      Here is the link just in case you have trouble navigating through the site.

      Los Arteagas.


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