Another year is gone and I am turning grey!

Welcome back everyone and happy New Year.

It appears that Winter decided to finally make an appearance here in our neck of the woods. Winter has for sure slapped us in the face with its -30-degree weather. Why Winter? Oh boy! I am so ready for Summer already! The cold temperature is so bad that my car’s rear door handle broke off and my car is new. Yup, that’s my luck.

Our 2017 was amazing. We couldn’t have asked for a better year. I felt like we did so much and we accomplished almost everything that both Abby and I set our minds to. But how is this year going to compare to the last? How are we going to commit to anything and not become just another lame couple who lost motivation by February? In this 2018, we want to accomplish so much in a 365-day time frame but of course the motivation has to be there. I mean, I want to look like the Hulk, but if I don’t put in the work, I’ll probably look like the Michelin Man with lots of rolls by the end of the month.

One of the things I have noticed with our travels is that; it didn’t matter where we went, our inner adventurer kicked in and the craving for adventure just got even bigger. I hope you guys can relate. I guess what I am trying to say is: The more places we saw, the more we wanted to see and explore. That spirit of adventure led us to plan crazy road trips that we were able to do with our family and friends. I owe that to my family. I know everyone claims to have the craziest family in the whole world but let me tell you, mine is definitely among those crazy ones and I mean that in a good way. I am the man I am today because of them. Deep down I look up to them all while still being the only person I want to be… me!

People may have misfortunes and claims of bad luck, that may be! But yet each and every one of us have control of our lives. No one is going to give us something just because we think we are entitled to it. If that was the case, I would still be living at home waiting for someone to get me what I think I deserve. Yet here I am living the life that I want with the people I love because of one simple thing that we all take for granted; a choice! A choice that we all have but are too afraid of pursuing it because we are all afraid of change. We all complain that we hate our jobs (me among them). Yet, I am still here. There are complaints that there aren’t enough jobs, in my opinion, there are plenty of jobs, just not the ones we want. Also we whine that we should be better people and yet we show it differently to the world with our actions. We protest in order to save the planet from pollutants and yet we all drive cars, use plastics and use electricity that originates from coal. If we want a change, let’s begin by doing it ourselves and set an example. Aww forget the politics, I don’t want this blog to be another boring political ad, we have plenty of those in our lives. My point is this; Be who you want to be. Do what you want to do even if it’s just for one day. If doing whatever it is that you like to do makes you happy, why let anybody else tell you any different! The idea is to give yourself attention and to remind yourself that you matter. Start there and you will see that life will change and by giving yourself one day, that one day will turn into one weekend and that one weekend will turn into a week of becoming the person you never thought possible, that’s how I found the footprint of happiness and somehow it works.

So the question still stands. How are we going to make the best of our 2018? The answer is, I don’t know! As silly as that may sound, I have no idea what this year will bring. We barely made it to midnight on New Year’s Eve. We have our sights on great locations to visit but the hard part now is actually pulling the trigger, I envy the people who within seconds decide where they want to go and when, all without looking ahead or fearing fear itself. For us is a bit different, we want to make sure that whatever it is that we do, we have a sure reserved spot. Yeah, I’m a weirdo like that. So much for wanting to live the overland life right?

One of the things that makes me happy is spending time with nature, I know it sounds cheesy but it feels right, it’s so relaxing, mesmerizing, amazing and all the good words that end in -zing. The connection with ourselves and our surroundings to me is a place where I can eliminate all of my troubles and worries. Believe me when I say this, when I walk into a park, whether it’s a National Monument or a National Park I feel like I have just pushed my reset button. I instantly feel at ease and I feel like I can conquer anything. That is the exact attitude I want to have not just at the beginning of the year or during that trip but for the rest of my life. Remember that if we don’t enjoy our lives now, I am afraid that by the time we want to do so, it may be too late.

I am excited to see what this year brings, I am curious to know the places that we will visit and I am extremely happy to see my little family grow closer, wiser and messier (Eyra). We wish our friends and family and all the people who read this post a happy New Year from the Arteaga clan.  The year just started and we haven’t gone anywhere yet so I decided to post photos of us during Christmas and places we have gone in 2017.


Here is to a new year. Where will we go next? Stay tuned…