Memorial Day Weekend

Welcome back everyone. This long weekend was great. I felt that some stress needed to be relieved and I felt that this memorial day weekend definitely helped accomplish that. But it still felt too short, it felt like I never even left work. It always tends to happen when we are having way too much fun, doesn’t it? This weekend was special for 2 reasons. The celebration and remembrance of the men and women of the U.S armed forces who gave their lives defending our nations values and its people. It was also Abby’s 28th birthday (old fart).


We had one of the nicest, most relaxed weekends in a while and also the 5th time ever to not have Eyra with us since she was born, some of you may say, WTF seriously? Yes, seriously! I guess Abby and I like having her (Eyra) around but in this instance Eyra stayed with one of our good friends (Jess). Abby wanted to celebrate her birthday earlier (on Saturday), we decided to go see the new Pirates of the Caribbean; Dead Men Tell No Tales movie and it was interesting. I am sad that Jack Sparrow dies and Will Turner turns into the bad guy while Commodore Norrington comes back to life and marries Elizabeth Swan. I am totally kidding; I wouldn’t spoil a movie like that. Go see it guys, it was OK, but for some reason, in my opinion. Dead Man’s Chest was by far the best one yet out of the entire saga! Abby and I went to Flix Brew House, if you guys don’t know what that is, let’s just say is a combination of brewery/restaurant/movie theater and yes, it’s amazing and very reasonable.

I could not believe how much it rained that day, we left the house to drop off Eyra at our friend’s house and it was raining and the clouds were so dark that it appeared to be 9:00pm instead of 11:45am. Our entire drive from our friend’s house to the movie theater it poured and the visibility was almost none with all the vehicles on the highway splashing all over our windshield but we safely made it to the movie theater. We ate tons of food, until our hearts content and enjoyed a nice Eyra free date. When the movie was over, Abby and I questioned the movie for a bit on our walk back to the car and the weirdest thing happened. The sun was out and not a cloud to be seen! I swear, the weather in Iowa is just as weird as Colorado’s. We picked up Eyra and we thanked Jess and Monty for agreeing to watch Eyra for a couple of hours. We headed home to play with the dogs and to feed them and then decided to go back to Jess and Monty’s again for a great evening.

Eyra played and played. She chased the dogs, she played in the swing, she went down the slide like 50 times. It’s no joke, she literally went up and down the slide numerous times and all by herself which was awesome because she had to climb up some mean stairs in order to get to the slide (very tall and scary) it’s like a small version of Everest but she managed, so props to my young Padawan and let’s not forget the coloring chalk which ended up on Eyra’s mouth a bunch of times until all of a sudden the coloring chalks magically disappeared. We told Eyra that the chalk fairy wanted them back. Sometimes you do what you have to do in order to get a point across.

Some rumor was started that (I) sat down on a farm tractor to embrace the country life…It sounds tempting but that will never happen, I only sat down on the tractor to check the antique gauges that the tractor had and no more, haha, no I really don’t care. I did sit on the tractor and it was fun, I almost took it out for a spin but knowing me I would had destroyed a few things with it along the way. It’s like giving Godzilla some roller skates. I challenged Monty to a game of horse shoes and Aeden, Monty’s son helped me become victorious since he was my teammate but in reality, we had to stop playing because it was getting to dark. Landon (Monty’s other son), Aeden, Jess, Monty, Eyra, Charley, Abby and myself sat next to a cozy fire, star gazed and saw 3 satellites within 30 seconds of each other. It was pretty cool and to think that a couple of hours earlier you couldn’t even see the clarity of the sky because of the rainy clouds. That’s how our night ended, close to an awesome fire.

Sunday was really relaxed, we walked to breakfast and along the way, Eyra became fascinated by rocks that were on the ground, why? I have no idea but I am sure she saw something delicious about the rocks since she decided to put a rock in her mouth. Eyra soon found out that we don’t eat rocks and that came as a shock to her. After the news, the world was ending right there on that exact spot and at that precise moment since Eyra felt devastated about the fact that we can’t eat rocks. She then saw a leaf on the ground and got over the whole rock dilemma.

I felt that we walked a lot that day since my knee is beginning to feel a little better but not all there. Speaking of feeling better, our Teddy is doing so much better and he seems to be back to normal. Teddy had his staples removed and the incision looks great. We are all glad that he is home and doing well, specially Eyra. Most of our day was spent in preparation for our next adventure which is going to be the highlight of our year (travel wise) but that is of course a surprise until you (the reader) get to read firsthand about this sweet adventure.


Memorial day was here and so was Abby’s birthday. This will be the 10th time I celebrated Abby’s birthday with her and this year Abby turned 28, as I mentioned before, time sure flies by. Throughout these years, I have seen many physical changes in Abby but her personality never changed, despite her accomplishments both professionally and personally, she became even more humble and motherhood has given her a different type of glow not seen by many, but believe me, I see it every day. That person is my best friend, Eyra’s mommy, and my wife. I can’t wait to celebrate many more birthdays with Abby. I love her and forever will, may God keep her in his grace and bless her always.


As the day progressed, we decided to get some grub in celebration of Abby’s birthday and also get her enrolled with AARP, I kid. We drove to a mall in Des Moines which is about 45 minutes from our location to pass the time and window shop and also for Eyra to burn off some steam at a cool kid’s playground that the mall has. The playground has numerous foam shaped animals and Eyra was so concerned that other kids were climbing on the poor animals, she climbed on the back on an elephant and pet him and she kept saying “elephant OK” and kissed him. Several kids stepped on a turtle and Eyra lost her cool, she kept petting the “tortuga” as she calls turtles and gave him a kiss and laid next to it. I must say, our parenting is not too shabby.

To end our day, we randomly saw Jack Sparrow. No! we did not watch the movie again, I mean this time we actually saw a random guy who totally nailed the costume and he was super cool. I am not sure what he was doing or why he was dressed as the infamous captain but whatever the reason may be, this guy really looked like captain Jack Sparrow, Eyra wasn’t sure about him since she maintained her distance but overall we had a very relaxing weekend. I wish I could have more weekends like this especially with the perfect weather. I can only hope to have a fast working week because a new adventure awaits us and we are ready for a trip which I am sure will be a memorable one.


Where will we go next? This trip is a surprise but you will not be disappointed.

To be continued…


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