The mighty Teddy.

Hello and welcome back everyone. This weekend was interesting as well as our entire week. Oh boy! I don’t even know where to begin. For the past 3 months, Abby has become quite the runner and taken fitness to a whole new level. Her level of commitment is beyond words and I am happy to see that every obstacle that gets on her way, she makes it seem like such a breeze and when she feels defeated, she maintains a positive attitude and tries the obstacle again. I wanted to help Abby accomplish that by running all this time by her side, well… She showed me different and things took a weird twist last Monday. I have terrible knees to begin with and I felt an excruciating pain on my left knee about halfway through our run that I haven’t felt in a long time. No, I did not WebMD it since everything on WebMD always turns out to be aids or Zika. In my opinion, I think it’s time to lubricate the joint again and get another fluid supplement injection or who knows, perhaps something a bit more serious (surgery). The whole week I was struggling to get from point A to point B. At work, I am the guy who hardly calls my co-workers but instead walks to my co-worker’s cubicles to be social or ask a question. I try to be more active since I do have a desk job. That was not the case this week. I called and emailed everyone, shoot! I even printed everything on my actual printer from 1998 and honestly I am amazed that the printer actually worked. I tend to print all of my paperwork on a different printer for the same reason, that I need to be more active. I hope I don’t get bad news from the doc next week. I’ll keep you guys posted.

On to the next part of our bad week… Every day during lunch I come home to check on the poochies and spend a bit of time with our three dogs and the only playful one is always Teddy since he is only 4 months old. The other two will forever remain mad at me for forcing a 3rd member into their pack. Tuesday was just like any other day until Abby came home that afternoon. Abby noticed diarrhea and vomit all over the bathroom floor and Teddy was not feeling great. We thought he ate too much or perhaps got a hold of Oreo’s (the older Border Collie) weight loss food and made himself sick, that whole night sucked. Constant crying, diarrhea, vomit and Teddy looked physically terrible. His eyes looked saggy, gums seemed dry and he was definitely not playful at all. Abby made an appointment to take Teddy to the Vet that morning and I took him during my lunch. I am glad we did, otherwise I don’t think we would have had a pooch for much longer. The vet checked Teddy for parvo and he passed, he was checked for rabies and he passed, Teddy’s blood results were a bit concerning, especially Teddy’s million mph heart rate.

The vet felt something odd on Teddy’s belly that prompted him to get some x-ray’s. After reviewing the x-rays, the vet noticed that Teddy’s liver was bigger than the average dog and also he noticed fluid on Teddy’s stomach and of course, he pointed out what he believed to be a foreign object on Teddy’s small intestine. The vet mentioned that Teddy more likely needed surgery but he wanted to tell me first before he proceeded. This decision was a no brainer, we needed to do whatever was possible to make our puppy feel better again. I had to sign a bunch of paperwork, thinking that Teddy was going to an emergency surgery but that was not the case. Since Teddy’s blood work was a bit alarming, the vet decided to give Teddy an IV and bring him back up to a state where Teddy could be a good candidate for surgery and that’s pretty much how it went down.

The following morning, I called the vet at 7:30am to see how Teddy was doing and I received an update that Teddy was being prepped for surgery. About 2 hours later, I received a call from the vet that Teddy’s surgery went well and that Teddy was in recovery. The vet removed 20” of Teddy’s small intestine since it was completely damaged and also found an athletic sock on the inside that definitely belonged to me, I mean WTF Teddy??? Are you a freaking anaconda? How the hell did you swallow that? No wonder you were clogged, literally. I couldn’t visit Teddy that afternoon since he was still out of it but Abby and I were there the following day (Thursday). Teddy was a bit shaken from the situation, you could tell he was very depressed laying on a corner as if we had abandon him but to the contrary. Once he saw us, his spirits were lifted, he was wagging his tail and you could tell that he wanted to come home with us so bad. He got tangled on his IV and as you can imagine, that was not pretty. The vet told us that since Teddy’s surgery was a bit more serious than what he thought it was going to be, Teddy would need to stay a minimum of 10 days to see how he was progressing and to monitor Teddy’s incision since it was bigger than normal (since they had to use staples instead of normal stitches). Check out these pictures (courtesy of Dr. Yoder). DO NOT LOOK IF YOU HAVE A WEAK STOMACH! I repeat: DO NOT LOOK! Pretty gnarly huh?

I honestly had the worst week at work. Nothing and I mean nothing went right. This is where my skills and character were tested and brought me to my boiling point. I don’t want to get into too much detail because personally, I don’t want to bring work into my personal life, what happens at work stays at work but the only 2 things that made my shit week better was a video of Eyra telling me that she loved me and Teddy, with words like that, I don’t think anybody can stay mad or frustrated. Friday afternoon (a mere 2 days after Teddy’s surgery) I received a call from the vet telling me that Teddy was ready to come home. I didn’t even ask the vet any questions and told him that I was on my way. Seconds later I told my supervisor I had to go and left everything on my desk. I walked out like a boss. I called Abby to tell her about the good news, Abby mentioned that she wanted to come with me to pick up Teddy but she wanted to bring Eyra as well. Since Eyra is Teddy’s person (Eyra’s dog) we wanted her to be there. Pictures below are some of Teddy’s memories. (Hiding under our covers, taking a bath with his person, tiring Oreo out and his first camping trip).

Teddy was super excited to see us that he literally peed everywhere (he does that at home anyway), I am just glad that the vet was cool with it and I am also glad that we don’t have carpet at home, otherwise, diarrhea, vomit and pee would make me hate any type of pet. The vet said that he was recovering so much better than they expected and he wasn’t even trying to bite at his staples! Hence the reason we could take him home! So what did we do this weekend? We didn’t do anything as we wanted to take it easy with Teddy. Teddy and Eyra are having a blast together, wherever Eyra goes, that’s were Teddy is. I never would have thought that they (Eyra, Teddy) would miss each other, but life again showed me differently. Those 2 together just crack me up. This is what I don’t understand, Teddy was hours from death ok! The dude decided to go straight to the laundry basket once he was home and what did he get? You guessed right, another f**king sock. C’mon man!!! You my friend belong to the smartest breed of dog in the world, prove me wrong, I beg you. Our room is now off limits to Teddy until we get a taller laundry basket.

Despite a depressing week, I am just glad that we had the opportunity to spend the weekend together as a family, like every weekend and that Teddy is back home healthy…ish and we can only hope that the staples removal goes well on the 30th. Where will we go next weekend? I am not sure but I hope it’s somewhere awesome. Stay tuned.

To be continued…

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