A little bit of everything.

Welcome back everyone. This weekend was full of surprises and life showed us that we can’t always have what we want. Our week was going by very slow and Abby and I were super excited for the arrival of our Colorado friends who also share a passion for the outdoors. Friday seemed like it was never going to come. On Thursday night Abby and I were woken up by Eyra since she began screaming in her sleep, Abby and I thought that her behavior was super random and out of place so we brought her to our bed for comfort. Well Eyra decided to have an exorcist style vomit that landed all over our bed, warning! (Viewer discretion is advised). I can honestly say that we had never experienced projectile vomit before and let me tell you, I was impressed on how much vomit came out of Eyra and specially the distance. Both Eyra and Abby hit the shower at midnight while I made a trip to Walmart for another bed cover and bed sheets. I really wanted to sleep on our bed so I bought new ones and put them on while I washed the dirty sheets. To make the story short, that night we encounter numerous vomits and we ended sleeping on the couch since our bed kept getting hit by baby bodily fluids so we threw the flag down and slept on the couch. We used a lot of water that night (multiple showers and multiple loads of laundry) Abby and I called in at work and decided to take it easy. It also worked out because our friends Brenda and Andy were going to arrive early that morning. 11:00am arrived and Eyra seemed like she was feeling better, I swear! My child has perfect timing, as soon as Brenda and Andy knocked on our door, Eyra decided to welcome our guest by throwing up some more! Yup, we headed for the shower yet again! We needed to wait 24 hours just in case Eyra had food poisoning to clear her system so we took it easy again and walked to town with our guest for a quick tour of the City of Pella.

I couldn’t believe how empty the town was! I couldn’t be happier because in the next few days the town will be covered with people ready to celebrate Tulip Time and now is the time to enjoy the city without being congested. The tulips are beautiful and the façade is even better, that’s why we fell in love with this town and decided to make Pella our home. Andy and I quickly saw our next possible investment, a VW bus, I wonder if Abby will like something like that for our anniversary? The Scholte House & Museum has an amazing garden which was inundated with glorious tulips, some red tulips are so bright that people may think that the photos are photo shopped but to the contrary. Abby and I decided to be silly by posing next to the statues and not make a fool of myself as the previous year, let’s just say that the angle of the photo from last year made it appear inappropriate without me trying.

Saturday had almost arrived and we (Brenda, Andy, Abby and myself) decided to go to Maquoketa Caves but Friday night, Abby and I had another rough night with Eyra that prompted our decision to go to the doctor as we were dealing with something else rather than just food poisoning. I felt terrible since our friends made a 10-hour drive from Colorado to spend the weekend with us and we couldn’t hang out due to Eyra’s illness. Fortunately, our friends understood and decided to make the trip to Maquoketa Caves by themselves while Abby, Eyra and I made a trip to see the doctor. Luck was on our side since our doctor was actually in for the weekend which never happens but our luck was only temporary. The bad part was that Eyra turned out to have a stomach virus on top of an ear infection. Eyra received two shots to treat her ear infection and boy did that ruin the entire day for Eyra, I felt so bad because she was so sad and out of character and I couldn’t do anything to make her feel happy or comfortable and all she wanted was mommy. At least I had Teddy (our puppy).

Later that afternoon I made burgers (bean burgers) as Abby and I are vegetarian and we are going 10 months strong and I can honestly say, I don’t think I am going back, we feel great and happy and that is what matters (Eyra still eats meat on occasion) I don’t want to take that option away from her, that will be a choice for Eyra to make as she grows older. Andy and Brenda told us during dinner that Maquoketa Caves was infested by school buses so they couldn’t enjoy the park at all since there was nowhere to park, so they decided to hit Mines of Spain which is a state recreation area by the Mississippi River, they also drove to Wisconsin and crossed the river. If adventure is taken from them (Brenda and Andy) they are quick to find adventure again. Brenda and Andy brought their super awesome Celestron telescope for everyone to enjoy but Abby wasn’t feeling good at all and Eyra wasn’t either. The lack of sleep sure got Abby and she decided to stay behind with Eyra since Eyra developed a bit of a fever. I took Brenda and Andy to a local park that appeared to be the worst spot to have a telescope since there was too much artificial light. So I decided to take them to North Overlook beach, it’s a big camping area that offers no artificial light and of course a neat atmosphere just by being next to the lake. Brenda and Andy did great, they kept saying that they had only used the telescope a couple of times but honestly, the company, the atmosphere, the clear sky and the conversations that we had made that night unforgettable and hopefully when we make it to Utah this Summer, I can learn a few pointers from the masters themselves when I take my telescope.

Sunday morning, we all decided to go to the Amana Colonies and some of you guys (readers) know this place already since we visited that place a few weeks back. As we arrived, Abby had an accident (vomit) I swear, we can’t catch a break. We took it easy for about 15 minutes before heading to town and to make sure that Abby was feeling well enough for the trip. We tried to enjoy the Amana Colonies as much as we could but most places were closed, we bought fudge and wine and Brenda sure made friends at the winery. Besides, you can never have too much wine. We tried all of the Amana colonies and we had no luck finding a place that was open, as we were exiting the colonies we came upon an antique shop buried within some houses at South Amana as we were going back home. This place was incredible. I am so glad we found this place, the shop had so many cool and bizarre items, from cool radios, to old piano scrolls and not to mention a weird coat hanger made out of deer feet? I mean WTF??? I have never seen anything like it. It’s cool to see how all of the places that Abby and I have gone, there is always that one individual who has ties to Colorado, our old home. The owner of the shop has family in Colorado Springs but other than that piece of information, the owner kept his distance and let us enjoyed the uniqueness of the shop. We were there for a good 25 minutes just browsing around. As we concluded our business in the store Abby found a place to go next since Eyra and Abby didn’t get out of the car since Eyra fell asleep. So we went to Coralville.

Coralville is the home of an antique car museum, we parked outside of the museum, stretched our legs, got ready and headed into the museum but soon after, we found out that the museum doesn’t accept plastic (credit cards). I mean seriously? I thought I was the only individual who didn’t carry cash but it turns out none of us did either, ha! We headed to a local Marriot Hotel that was a block away from the museum and we used the ATM. As we were walking back we saw an Irish hawk and some pictures were taken for the history books.

As we entered the museum the tour guide was nothing but nice and great and we were the only ones at the museum, talk about a private tour. The tour guide played the piano for us, talked to us about certain cars and answered some of our questions, you could tell right away that for the tour guide, cars are his life. The cars go from the mid 1920’s to the 1970’s and some cars that were there will sure take your breath away.

There was a car whose brand was “White” it’s top speed was 70MPH, not bad for a car from 1930’s or maybe it was the 40’s, shoot! Now I can’t remember. Anyway, they had original Dodge Brothers cars that still showed the Star of David since the Dodge Brothers were Jewish but later on sold the rights and the emblem was lost forever.

Cars back then were pieces of art; I am not saying that modern cars aren’t but the amount of detail that these oldies have is beyond cool. One example is the hood emblem pieces, they are very unique and artistic in some ways. From a moving cop figurine to jet engines and of course a man with a bow and arrow and Grey Hound. These pieces are considered art in my books.

One of my favorite cars was of course the VW Bug but also the one and only Hudson Hornet with twin turbo, this car is a legend. Eyra begs to differ as she enjoyed hanging out inside the city ambulance mini vehicle and soon after Andy wanted in the action too. That dude cracks me up. The car museum wasn’t only a car museum but also a county history museum and it had a bunch of cool artifacts such as old school batteries, prescription glasses, rifles, farming equipment, music players and baby bottles. Super random but definitely a very cool museum and we all had a great time.

As our weekend ended, our friends headed back home to Colorado and we are so grateful that both of them made the trip to come visit, we feel special and we wish you the best of luck on a trip of a life time, Peru. I must apologize for all the things we said we were going to do and didn’t since life happened and we didn’t want to push it too hard specially since I didn’t want either of my ladies barfing all over my car. What adventure will come next? You are going to have to wait and see. Until next time.

To be continued…

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