Let’s get to work.

Welcome back everyone.

This weekend started off right but having some fun, food, fake mariachi and the celebration of one of our dearest friends 30th birthday! That night was awesome! I have to say Jess, that sombrero sure looked good on you. Since our weekend started off extremely busy, we decided to stay home and begin prepping for Spring/Summer since the weather was perfect! I almost forgot what warm weather feels like. As many of you know, up keeping with a house takes a lot of work, sometimes it takes days or months and even years of hard work and dedication. 3 weeks from now a festival that defines the city of Pella will commence (Tulip Time) and everyone around town is sure getting ready for it. Mowers are at full swing, construction along the roads and streets are wrapping up, some tulips are beginning to bloom and the Tulip Time merchandise has made an appearance at local stores and shops. That being said, we needed to step it up and get ready as well.

I cannot tell you how many times I drove to Walmart to get mulch or something related to the garden. First Abby, Eyra and I went to Walmart and bought what we thought was enough to get us by. Hahahaha, yeah! That did not happen. We misjudged the amount of materials that we needed but on the positive side of things, we did amazing for only two days of hard work.

Abby has been wanting to do a garden for quite a while now and we decided to give it a go. We came to a conclusion that since we are no professional gardeners, one small garden bed will suffice for the year, that way we can understand more of how gardening works and how well stuff grows under our care.  We planted 2 different types of jalapenos, green beans, ghost peppers, broccoli, carrots, onions, spinach, zucchini, cantaloupe, cucumbers, Poblano peppers, tomatoes and strawberries. It seems like a lot but in comparison to some of our friend’s gardens, ours is very small.

Some of you tagged along for the ride (read the blog) when we spent the weekend in Chicago a couple of weeks ago and I don’t know if you guys remembered how upset I was when I ripped my roof top tent’s cover inside of a parking garage. Well, I got the cover all patched up, I used the Flex Seal tape and it worked great and I am so glad I patched the cover up because Sunday night it rained pretty good for over an hour. Anyway, Saturday morning I washed my car and I had forgotten about the punctured holes that the cover had, by the time I got home I took off the cover and aired out the tent since it got soaked from me washing the car. Abby and I had quite the confused audience (random people) about why I had a tent on top of the car. Pshhh! Amateurs.

Bushes, plants, mulch, solar lights, grass seed, gutter cleaning and painting were among our weekend projects and I have to say, we did great for only 2 ½ people. Eyra had a blast playing with the potting soil and she sat down on Abby’s garden and hilariously made a butt imprint on the soil.

Half of the outside of our house has been cleaned, planted and mulched but we have one more side to go and not to mention that Abby and I have decided to contribute to our community and we will add a free book library on our entrance (next few weeks). A book library is a decorated box (almost like a mail box but bigger) with random books inside of it that people may take to their homes and read them but they also have to put a book back into the free library for us or others to read as well.  Pretty cool concept if you ask me. Oops, I got side tracked. Later that afternoon (Saturday), we were honored by a couple of amazing ladies that adore Eyra to take pictures with them at one of their most memorable moments of high school life, (prom). To make the story short, Abby, Eyra and I are regulars at El Charro Mexican Restaurant, that’s were we met Marlen and Esmeralda. I have to say, both Ezzy and Marlen looked beautiful and Eyra was extremely happy to be there and we are really grateful that Ezzy and Marlen even considered having us there to be a part of that experience. Thank you ladies, both of you have a personality to match your beauty. (Those were the words of Abby, I didn’t want to sound like a creep.)

Eyra’s room is almost ready (paint) and hopefully we can move her in by the following weekend. The room looks better in person than in pictures, you may think that Eyra’s room looks like a Pepto Bismol nightmare but on the contrary, it actually looks quite nice. We decided to make that move since Eyra would have a better access to the A/C when the brutal heat of Pella arrives in comparison to her current room which is much hotter and less ventilated. I have a feeling it may take longer to complete her room but we are making progress and that’s what matters.

We finished our fast weekend by going to the park, Eyra ran, climbed, jumped and went down the slides numerous times, Teddy however, he wanted to run around and he did until he made the wrong move and went straight down when we jumped into the children’s slide. It was too funny. We enjoyed our weekend as always, the most important thing is that we do things as a family no matter where we are and what we do. Sure, a vacation away from the kids may sound awesome to some couples but I guess we are different. Until next time.

To be continued.

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