Home sweet home.

Welcome back everyone. Some of us can already see and smell the change in the air as Spring is beginning to show. For others, that feeling may be completely the opposite. Then there is us, where snow comes and goes and the weather fluctuates drastically. We live in the land of the wicked. 69 degrees in one day, followed by tornadoes, rain, hail and constant wind and not to mention snow the following morning, there is no happy medium. This weekend we had planned to go to Dubuque Iowa to the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium as well as Crystal Lake Caves.

Trips like this take planning, budgeting, research and more. We tend to always stick to plans, well… let me rephrase that, we try. That being said we never take into account the obstacles that life gives us. We can’t win them all. Abby and I noticed that Eyra had a pretty terrible cough but only during the night which was very bizarre and this cough kept happening for 2 days until we decided to take Eyra to the doctor on Friday afternoon. One of the things I love about Eyra is that no matter what life throws at her, Eyra is always happy and enthusiastic unless you are giving her chicken for dinner, she hates chicken and the world ends.

During our visit to the doctor she played, climbed, laid down, sang, ran and more. She did normal things that every kid would do and not a sign of a cough, I thought to myself, we are having a Murphy’s Law moment, just when we want our kid to show how sick she is, my kiddo shows us different.

The moment of truth arrived and Eyra cooperated with the doctor “for once” in every way, maybe because Eyra had never seen that doctor before and felt intimidated since our doctor was on vacation. The doctor mentioned that Eyra could have symptoms of RSV but he was certain that Eyra definitely had Bronchiolitis and needed to be treated with a nebulizer at home. Abby and I decided to play it safe and stay home during the weekend and do absolutely nothing. We watched Disney’s Moana 3 times since Eyra loves that movie, played puzzles, read Disney’s The Haunted Mansion since Eyra has literally memorized some of the silly pages that the book has. She ran around the house with Teddy, we cuddled and most importantly she used her nebulizer, she doesn’t like the nebulizer mask but she does like the way the vapor feels on her face without the mask.

Eyra and Babraham (stuffed animal) roamed around the house while Babraham was strapped in to a kid’s stroller until Eyra decided that it was time for bed (not true). An hour and a half later, Abby and I were victorious and treated ourselves to half a pint of ice cream, well… that was mostly me. Overall, we had a great weekend. We got to spend time together in the comforts of home and we just hope that Eyra continues to improve throughout the week.

To be continued…

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