Jurassic Quest

Welcome back friends. This weekend’s trip once again was not planned and decided to go back in time to an interesting exhibit dating back millions of years since Eyra has developed an odd interest in (believe it or not) dinosaurs. Not Barbie’s, or Cabbage Patch babies but dinosaurs! Last week Eyra had a doctor’s appointment because our day care provider noticed a weird bump on the back of her head, which by the way the bump wasn’t anything serious and went away the following day and up until this day we still have no idea how she got that bump. Anyway, our doctor’s office has a bunch of kids toys for the kids to play and get distracted while being checked up. Can you guess what those toys were? Yup! Dinosaurs. Or as Eyra would say (dah-sas). That’s how our whole afternoon went. Anything Abby or myself said, Eyra would reply back with yup and dah-sas. About 2 months ago Abby and I bought a shirt for Eyra that had a dinosaur imprinted on it, not so much because we cared about the dinosaur but because the shirt’s message was funny, well that is now officially her favorite shirt, to the point where she almost drags the shirt to the bath tub, who does that? You guessed right… My child.

Jurassic Quest was certainly calling Eyra’s name and we sure managed to end up on that exhibit on Saturday morning. Just for the record, I hate driving on one-way only streets, and the one-way signs are so small in downtown Des Moines that I almost went the wrong way. Boy! Did Eyra wake up with a confused look on her face, she literally woke up as we were entering the Dino-lair. All I could think and envision in my mind were the famous words from John Hammond (welcome to Jurassic Park) and the cool theme song written by John Williams as we entered the exhibit. It was pretty legit. I am not going to lie it was a pretty sweet exhibition but in my opinion, it was not worth the $25.00 per person, I am not trying to be cheap but the majority of the stuff in the exhibit, Eyra did not meet the age requirement and even if she could, she wouldn’t be able to fully understand what was happening! Recommended age, I would probably say, 10 years of age.

The exhibit claimed to have the biggest animatronic dinosaur collection in North America which to me, that is a huge statement and I believe it because, yes! The exhibit sure had a ton of dinosaurs. Eyra would just not blink, she was confused and scared and a variety of other emotions I am sure. We stopped in one section were the T-Rex was on display and a huge grrrrrrahhhhh!!!! (growling noise) happened and Eyra jumped and managed to keep her cool. It took a minute or two for her to feel comfortable enough to mimic the same sounds as the T-Rex, I do have a small video of it on Instagram if you guys want to check it out. It was pretty awesome.

Eyra’s safe zone was no longer needed (baby carrier). She was running, jumping, growling and scoping out her pray (Crayola’s). Eyra and I had a moment of coloring before she decided to dig up fossils, by the way her coloring picture was way cooler than mine.

As we were walking around the exhibit we noticed baby dinosaur statues that kids could sit on. Let’s just say that sitting on a dinosaur did not go as we expected. Not a fan! I think that was the only time I genuinely saw fear on my child’s eyes and decided to head to the toy store after a traumatizing experience where Eyra once again decided to go back to her safe zone.

One of the coolest things I personally liked were the displays of authentic fossils and of course an animatronic life size of the Spinosaurus, it was huge and its growl was just as big which to me, that was super cool. If this dino was big to me, I can’t imagine how the Spinosaurus looks like to a kid. It was another great family experience and Abby and I could see our daughter mimicking a lot of stuff that she saw at the exhibit at home. The growls woke me up this morning and she arches her arms like a T-Rex, it’s hilarious. Do we have a Paleontologist in the making? Probably, or maybe a career in animatronics and visual effects.

What is our next destination? I wish I could say at this moment but we are still debating our choices.

To be continued…

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